“Some really cool stuff… Man On Earth is a band worth definitely checking out!”
(Matt Pinfield – WRXP, MTV, VH-1)

“Glistening, wide-open arena rock with spirited choruses and a charged romanticism.”

“In the placard shuffling tradition of Dylan and Hutchence, mindful messages delivered in modern riff and context.”
(Lonn Friend – RIP Magazine, MTV, VH1)

“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of producing and mixing much of Man On Earth’s exceptional music. When people say ‘why hasnt this band made it yet”, my only response is…… “YET”. Their newest album ‘THINGS THEY’D NEVER BELIEVE’ continues their evolution in making great music”
(Ken Lewis – Producer / Mixer – 7 Grammy’s, 57 Gold and Platinum albums and singles, 35 #1 albums and singles, and 16 more Grammy nominations)

“I am very proud and humbled to be a part of Man on Earth’s musical evolution. The new album is a big bold step forward. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do!”
(Cooper Anderson – Producer)

“I thoroughly enjoyed working on this album and think that it will be a smash hit!”
(Dr. Fink – Prince & The Revolution)

“Smart basically, that’s what Man On Earth is… melodic, post-Britpop sensibility with sharper-edged American guitar muscle, then tops it off with thoughtful lyrics. Surprisingly mature and far-reaching, the band is really too eclectic to simplify with easy comparisons.”
(All Music Guide)

“Man On Earth flirts with Elvis Costello pop punchiness, but ultimately settles on a more modern sound.”
(Time Out New York)

“KACV-FM jumped on “All We Want” early, and it’s generated phones from the start. It’s now #1 phones, and hits our target of 18 to 24 year olds. The thing is, our older demo loves it too. FM90 can’t play it enough!”
(Brian Frank – KACV)

“New Yorkers Man On Earth are our Best Bet, thanks to their excellent new single “All We Want.” “All We Want” melds the anthemic energy of Jimmy Eat World with some cool guitar work certainly influenced by The Edge.”
(Joey Odorisio – FMQB)

“Man On Earth is doing what a lot of bands today just don’t have the guts to do… wear their hearts on their sleeves. I’ve had the privilege of watching this band grow into a deep and musical monster.”
(Alan Robert – Life of Agony, Epic Recording artist)

“New York City’s Man On Earth are combining their indie pop sensibility with experimental instrumentation to create memorable and radio-ready rock tunes… but ultimately, the band never settles into one groove long enough to be compared to anyone else.”
(Rebecca Frank –

“Every now and then, you come across an album that has just the right amount of rhythm to it. Nothing is too fast or too slow; everything is just right. The Time Spent Wondering is that album. Man on Earth does a good job at making you love every instrument of the band.”
(Matt Rodriguez –

“Elvis Costello came to mind, not that they sound similar to one another but both have a quirkiness to go along with some outstanding melodies. At times I was also reminded of bands like The Cure. I believe this band can have good success if they get the necessary exposure. This is a solid album and well worth repeated listens garnering 3.5 stars from this reviewer.”
(John Neudorf – )

“it’s the best conglomeration of uncluttered, unfettered melody and messy emotion that’s come around in a long time.”
(Stephanie Myers – The Deli Magazine)

“There’s more to man on earth than is immediately apparent, and the disc is worth repeated listens in the quest to uncover these hidden gems.”
(Dave Haucke – kaffeinebuzz)

“This New York City band has been generating a huge swell of interest… Although the band brings to mind acts such as Radiohead, U2 and even late-period Pink Floyd, the music is openhearted and melodic, recorded with a crystal clarity that makes it a much easier listen than most modern rock of this ilk. This is definitely a band to watch.”
(Mark Wilson – Music Critic)

“Smart bands are hard to come by, and bands that are musically ambitious and smart are even more rare, so finding Man on Earth is both refreshing and reaffirming.”
(Mike – SOS)

“Opening was Man on Earth, a youthful indie rock quartet from New York. Their album Disposable Sounds for the Fickle Mind was well-received by critics, but most of the crowd didn’t know what to expect. What they got was well done, solid song structure, talented playing and unusually introspective lyrics that obviously come from the heart.”

“Man On Earth’s alternative approach to rock combines arena guitar with the more mellow sentiments of bands like Incubus and Coldplay. With big cascading choruses, Man On Earth succeed in sounding modern, though they reach down deep to drum up hints of familiar rock sensibilities”
(The Deli Magazine)

“With their excellent dynamics and a great lead singer in Steven Nathan, you just can’t go wrong with this record. Fusing different flavors into one sound is often unheard of, but the band shows they have the talent and songwriting skills to keep their music interesting and in the ears of the listener. Check out Man On Earth and see for yourself.”
(Chris Stum – Anti Music)