MAN ON EARTH Lyrics & Credits


Steven Nathan – Vocals
Steve Gregoire – Guitar
Adam Root – Bass
Angelo Modica – Drums


If Not Now Then When

Before my mind acts up again I need to get this off my chest only doubts can stop us now we pretend it’s all right it’s all right when you turn out the lights the past winds through your mind time can never wait for you regrets are only what we what we choose so forget it all just walk out the door I know I don’t know why I give in Yeah here we go again step out of the cloud you’ve been hiding in No If Not Now Then When it’s summer in your mind the lights will pull you in write in sand what you believe and place it right by the sea cause as the days go by it all keeps changing changing remember all the times you loved they light all the stars above numb the pain goes away if you keep moving moving the lights will pull you in step out of that cloud nothing lasts forever tonight I know we’ll live If Not Now Then When

On Our Way

These fables have untwined you’ve been spinning round your straight line and you didn’t know you’ve been chasing all along collecting all your thoughts and sneaking out your back door Oh it’s changing now baby Oh we gotta keep running On Our Way if you believe it On Our Way it’s just a matter of time before it’s all left behind don’t pretend to feel anything these tables have turned blind you’ve been walking through the third eye when you can’t go home just thinking it’s like before when you growing up you try to lose yourself a bit more when you’re standing on your own after you’re falling falling down it feels like I’m waking up in another life that ain’t so tough and it’s all I ever want to feel it feels like I can get enough it’s another lie that I can’t touch and it’s all I ever want to feel On Our Way

Bombs Around Me

What should I say I tried to play and I played it fair resentment grows when you lift them up and they let you fold I’ll no longer help you when your picture’s out of focus and your frame is out of fashion and you’re down down down I can see these Bombs Around Me but nothing’s gonna slow we down I can see these thieves surround me but no one’s gonna stop me now Bombs Around Me Good here we go if we let it out let the backlight glow crimson show when the blood it turns and the truth it flows no one’s gonna save you when you’re burning all your bridges and your life ain’t full of riches when you’re down down down Bombs Around Me

Bang Bang Bitch

Jet black hair back pushed up in stereo jet black hair back pushed up in stereo what’s that coming over the hill she caught my eyes and I’m staring still I saw that outline in a waistline I said Oh I thought run run baby’s got a gun she cocked it back hard our bodies hit the floor Whoa Bang Bang Bitch Whoa Bang Bang we’re all going down some girls just kill for thrills looked in her eyes and I’m dying still I got my hands up and she’s frisking me down I said Oh I’m not gonna lie my only one regret never made it in before they found me dead she let down her guard when she turned her back then I grabbed that gun aimed it at her head and Whoa Bang Bang Bitch


We were so young taking every moment as it comes sometimes you took a summer night the radio could change your life cause when you’re growing up some moments never felt so tough so much that you want to see it always brought you to your knees and we were always told it goes but we never knew it and these chapters all are closed guess we made it through yeah There we’ll always be There it’s in us now it’s who we were There we’ll always be There no time can take it it’s who we were sometimes we drive through that town too many memories to count and all the people we would be we all worked out on those streets and when I dream of home it’s always one when I grew up hear my mother calling me it always brings me to my knees There

Lost In These Lights

When they’re gone and you’re lost and you don’t fit in and your hope is gone you start again if you search deep inside and there’s no strength to fight whoa it’s alright tonight don’t dance alone come on lets go turn up the light we’ll make it right let’s start this show Lost In These Lights this city these nights whoa we’re alive tonight the moment is right whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh we’ll stand by your side along for the ride here we go we’re Lost In These Lights this city these nights whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh I got a feeling that this ain’t the last time troubling thoughts will be plaguing your mind but I got a feeling we’re gonna be just fine whoa cause sooner or later the pain’s gonna change it the stronger the will sometimes the longer it takes it but I got a feeling we’re gonna be just fine whoa we got this moonlight by our side illumination bend all this starlight with our minds no limitations we’re Lost In These Lights

We Are The Dreamers

This life will make you cold so ya burn all your memories just to keep you warm relive the moment you were told if you want something bad enough you’ve got to make it yours and oh why does it feel we’re not moving oh why these days spin away oh why was I ever believing that sometimes feelings are all that can change we’re all lost together we’re never learning why we burn with light We Are The Dreamers nonbelievers and the lover thats always been on your mind we’re all scared of growing old but if we live for these moments we’ll have nothing to regret this life is never what you’re told you may never get what you want but you always get what you’d expect We Are The Dreamers


Copyright 2014 MAN ON EARTH

Produced By: Cooper Anderson
Engineered By: Cooper Anderson
Mixed By: Mike Watts

All Songs written by: Man On Earth & Cooper Anderson
Except ‘On Our Way’ – Written by: Man On Earth, Cooper Anderson & Garen Gueyikian