Things They’d Never Believe

Sometimes / behind the song
They bring these doubts to life and we try to fight them they build these walls so high they can’t see behind them you damn your cynical mind it’s our time your wasting sarcastic words bring fights ignite their paranoia oh you know you’re the reason you’re defeated oh let it go when you give in you give up your life sometimes we feel so low it feels like were losing control but i know we’ll live again sometimes the moment breaks you we try hard but we can’t get through but i know we’ll break through again and theres sun on the other side of these dark and cynical minds

Staring At Your Phone / behind the song
Baby why’d you go and make me so clearly out there in love with you I take you all around town we turn it all upside down i take you everywhere but you’re always always oh oh you’re staring at your phone you’re leaving me alone i’m trying to get through oh oh i’m dancing like a fool i’m singing out of tune just trying to distract you baby this might sound crazy so clearly out there but all i want is you Now where would we be in 1983 with far less technology would we hold each others hand like jack and diane or would we have talked so much that you’re already bored of me oh oh keep staring at your phone Don’t wanna be alone just wanna be with you
oh oh i’m dancing really cool i’m singing you this tune just trying to get through

All Alone / behind the song
Jillian cut just to mask the pain they say she bled out her life before her mother came and she was all alone did you see it she was all alone Jonathan lived in a suburban dream with those prescriptions his life became a soulless routine and he was all alone did you see it he was all alone will we ever know what is going on when the things go wrong and the things go wrong will we ever know what is going on we are only just as lonely as all the stars tonight when you’re lonely then you’re only lost in this sea of life were all from the same this world’s a cloud we are the rain we may be falling but were calling out we are only just as lonely as every burning life Beth lost her family to a hurricane but then she rebuilt her life with the money she saved but she was all alone did you see it she was all alone Mike’s diagnosis was chemo and pain we watched him beg for his life as he fought to be saved and he was all alone did you see it he was all alone When you’re lost behind your pain don’t let the moments guide you away

Falling Stars / behind the song
I’d like to remind how wonderful you were Your life changed my mind and it echoes on and on Will you see me as I love in your name Did you hear them cry oh why You’re still here tonight Lived a life so bright Sometimes we’ll rewind to remember who we were New York snows come and go but your memory lives on You’re still here tonight Lived a life so bright when the body’s gone and the love goes on could it mean we never die We build our lives on memories Who we are what you’re gonna be

Venus / behind the song
We’ve got Venus over our heads we’ve got stars under our feet I looked in your eyes and realized anything was possible I looked in your eyes and you blew me away We’ve walked the shores in parallel dreams we’ve seen things they’d never believe I got lost in your mind and realized nothing was impossible got lost in your mind and we turned time away all of our souls burn for love and compassion loneliness has haunted us all now that I found you I’ve made my mind up through space and time our love will burn This is our postcard from the other side we stumbled on the secrets to eternal life love and ideas will always live on if we lift each other up we’ll never go wrong Just let the love let it lift you up

I’d Be Good For You /
Come in my minds impatient You’re taking it all wrong You break it then you corner me I’d take you all around the world Am I the one I’d be good for you When you fall asleep in your company I know why I fell so hard What’s fair is fair please don’t lead me back down let’s move on
Between the lines liaisons I’ve taken it all for way to long Your breaking down is breaking me
I’m always the one who’s staying strong If we can’t make it right maybe we are wrong Hold on
It’s alright we can make it feel right and all that’s wrong is alright never let it go

We Shine On /
I’m singing these songs no one’s singing along alone on a stage in life feeling so out of place Where are my friends Gone with the days of hope and unknown some say I’m losing my way Some days the doubts they overthrow your mind & shadows cast away those open skies but something in your soul won’t let you go that fire burns those words and you push on We shine on never to walk away when life it brings you down We shine on And no one can ever take away your burning heart Maybe were the ones that got away or maybe it’s the few that never stayed If we remember how it felt when we were young Then you and I were never giving up

Save My Life /
These thoughts can be pain when memories burn too deep twist in your bed then kick as you’re falling asleep This world may let you down I was falling alone i was caught in a moment i was falling down but i’m the only one that can save this life Lost in the rain when something has gotten away this life we’re chained to money then to our graves I was falling alone i was caught in a moment i was falling down but i’m the only one that can save this lifeI was lost in the lies out in the sea of this life we swim i searched the skies but i’m the only one that can save this life This world may let you down But you can lift it up

View Horizon /
I Lost my way inside your mind i know you’ve seen so many lights And again and again i’m breaking as my hopes go out the door and again and again they’re wasting all my time just beyond this view horizon and another morning’s sun is rising Tonights the night that we can fly were falling faster but rising high We are rising a new morning hope is dawning if you let it new horizon

Goodbye /
I woke up this morning had to struggle our of bed it’s been building a long time i should have listened to things i’ve said hey little girl just keep that smile on your face some days chase the light away but only runners can win this race lately i’ve been kinda thinking if i’d stop swimming i would just start sinking that kind of thinking has got me thinking that we should break it and go go go goodbye my bad days i’m never going back we take it easy and we’re never looking back i can see the sunshine finally breaking through these clouds we’ve been craving that good life we’ve gotta let it all back out Hey all my friends just take your time and keep your cool It all changes in a moment and life it passes way too soon it’s unpredictable the way you think and what you do but i could never make it through without you